Trip Advisor Re-Make


"An app redesign to bring out and highlight more inclusive features for its user."

TripAdvisor is a well-known application for travelling. It is a well-made application with many features to guide and help people explore the content of the app. However, one problem that can be found in the app is that it tends to hide some of it is feature in the settings. Some of these features can be particularly useful for people. That is why the point of this redesign is to bring out and highlight these features to the main page and make TripAdvisor an inclusive application.

To solve the problem. The design of the app must be different while still being able to maintain it is original layout. The main key point of the redesign is to highlight certain features such as dark mode, themes, language, voice feature, and speaker feature. All of these features are now placed on the home screen where the user can navigate to it easily without getting lost in the settings.

ideation / wireframing

The wireframing for the redesigned app focuses on the key points of the new features for Trip Advisor. Such as voice feature, dark more, language feature, and theme changer. These features were added to make the app more inclusive for people to travel.