Cosmic Enigmas

Book Cover Design

"Covers for a series of books about mystery of the universe and outer space."

Cosmic Enigmas is a collection of space-themed books. that required a cohesive set of book jackets. The series feature three books, Cosmos by Carl Sagan, Constellations by Govert Schiling, and Galaxies by David J Eicher.

The book series targets young adults whose curious to know about space.  Each book cover should give the audience a glimpse of what is the book is about. To notice the mysterious atmosphere of space tarot cards were used as the inspiration. With the style-driven from the art deco. The covers use lines, geometric shapes, symmetry, and colours resembling space to give the feeling of an art deco tarot card. By combining all these ideas together, the covers convey the feeling of curiosity and the wonder of space exploration.